A one-of-a-kind Nutrition for your one-of- a-kind Baby.

The protein and fat in breast milk are easier to digest Than those in cow’s milk formula and its important micronutrients are more easily absorbed.

When a mom constantly urges her baby to take more than he wants, He is act to become steadily less interested. He may try to escape from it by going to sleep earlier and earlier in the feeding, or he may rebel and become more balky.

He's act to lose some of his active, positive feeling about life. It's as though he got the idea.

"Life is a struggle. Those people are always after you. You have to fight to protect Yourself." So don't urge a baby to take more than he is eager for. Let him go on enjoying his meals, feeling that you are his friend. This is one of the principle ways in which his self-confidence, his joy in life, and his love of people will be firmly established during the first year.

Breastfed babies are less likely to have tummy troubles. It’s naturally safe. You can be sure that the milk served up from your breasts is always perfectly prepared and never spoiled, contaminated, expired, and recalled.

Mama’s nipples and baby’s mouth are made for each other—a naturally perfect pair. Even the most scientifically designed bottle nipple can’t match a breast nipple, which gives a baby’s jaws, gums, and palate a good work- out—a workout that ensures optimum oral development and some perks for baby’s future teeth. Babies who are breastfed may also be less likely to get cavities later on in childhood.

Wherever you are—in bed, on the road, at the Mall, on the beach—all the nourishment your baby needs is always on tap, no muss (or mess), no fuss. Free feedings, free delivery.

The best things in life are free, and that includes breast milk and breast milk delivery.

He is so eager when the nipple goes into his mouth that he almost shudders.

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