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In addition, medical advances have made it possible for many

couples to work through their fertility problems and conceive a child

When they were not able to in the past. In fact, according to recent

scientific evidence, when a woman eats a balanced diet and follows other

healthy habits, she increases her chances of pregnancy through assisted

Reproduction, such as in vitro fertilization. Pregnancy is a time when many women change their eating and life-style habits for the better and often continue these healthy habits as their children grow.

• The nutrients necessary for your well - being — and your baby ’s before, during, and after pregnancy; why they matter, how much of them you need, and how to work them into an easy - to - follow eating plan that fits your lifestyle.

• Realistic, balanced eating plans, whether you’re thinking about having a baby, you’re pregnant, or you’re breast - feeding; if you want To gain weight, lose some pounds, or stay the same weight to prepare for motherhood.

• How diet and lifestyle help you to dodge or manage the complications and discomforts of pregnancy.

• Which vitamins and minerals you need prior to and during pregnancy.

• All of the food safety information you need for the well - being of you and your developing child.

• More than fifty delicious and nutritious easy - to - prepare

recipes and meal ideas, designed to maximize nutrition.

*Starting pregnancy at a healthy weight gives your child a much better chance of developing normally.

*It also helps to lower the risk of the following complications for you during pregnancy:

• High blood pressure

• Gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)

• Induced labor (which can require more medication to get the job done and which can also lead to a longer labor)

• Cesarean section

• A larger baby who is more difficult to deliver It’s important to have adequate levels of these nutrient

s in your diet before, during, and after pregnancy.

Whether having a baby is part of your long-term plans or an unexpected surprise, becoming pregnant is an emotionally charged, life-changing event.

*Nutrition during pregnancy :-

By now you’ll be aware that what you eat is very important during pregnancy. A healthy diet not only helps ensure that your baby gets all

the nutrients he needs for optimum growth and development, but it also minimizes the risk of pregnancy complications, and provides you with plenty of energy. Your healthy pregnancy diet should include:

◯ Whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, legumes, and grains (such as barley, oats, and quinoa), to provide a sustained source of energy, plenty of fiber (see opposite), and essential B vitamins

◯ Good sources of calcium, to ensure the healthy development of your baby’s bones and teeth—you’ll find calcium in dairy products, soybean products, leafy green vegetables, and some fish

◯ Folic acid, for your baby’s nervous system; look for it in dark green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains

◯ Protein, which is necessary for the development of every new cell in your baby’s body—good-quality protein is found in legumes, whole grains,nuts, soybeans, dairy, eggs, lean meats, poultry, and fish

Vitamin C, which not only helps your body to fight infection and maximizes the absorption of iron, but is also essential for the growth of a strong placenta—fresh fruit and vegetables provide plenty of iron not only does your blood sugar have a tendency to dip and soar during pregnancy, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic.

◯ Treat your snacks as “ mini meals “ : they should be balanced and contain plenty of essential nutrients with no empty calories.

­­­◯ Nuts or seeds

◯ Plain live yogurt with fresh fruit

◯ Fresh fruit and vegetables with dips

◯ Toast with nut butters or high-fruit spreads

◯ Fruit smoothies

◯ Vegetable soup

◯ Dried fruit

◯ Good-quality, low-sugar granola bars

◯ Cheese sticks

◯ Small sandwiches with plenty of salad

◯ Pasta or couscous salads, with lots of veggies.

◯ Whole-grain, unsweetened breakfast cereal.

◯ Hard-boiled eggs.

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