Enjoy Your Motherhood Journey

Becoming a mother is a joyful rite of passage, but it can also bring overwhelming emotional upheaval, exhaustion, and self-doubt. And is it any wonder? Motherhood changes everything, right down to a woman's brain chemistry. No one understands "mom brain". A mother of two herself who specializes in treating women with young children. In this compassionate guide.

"Being a mother may be hard sometimes; breastfeeding is just one piece of the puzzle. It can be the best piece that easily fits into your lifestyle"

Mothers can breastfeed.

The first couple of weeks of motherhood can be stressful. Remember,

You are a new mom; give yourself and baby a little time. Think of it as

A dance. At first, it may feel clumsy but soon you and your baby will

Be working well together.

If you are feeling stressed, try these suggestions:

Don’t wait until your baby is crying to feed him. Look for the early

Hunger cues.

Hold your baby in a Comfortable way, breathe and relax.

Kiss your baby whenever You pick him up.

With baby just in a diaper,

Put him against your skin on your chest and between your breasts.

Stroke his back. This often calms the baby so he can nurse.

Breastfeed soon after birth And breastfeed frequently, 8 to 12 times in 24 hours.

Hold your baby Skin-to-skin.

Keep your baby with you.

Do not give a pacifier Or a bottle until Breastfeeding is Well established.

Give only breast milk.

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